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Guide To Deactivate Or Delete Facebook Account

There might be plenty of reasons why you want to delete your Facebook account.

You may get tired of the social world.

You may not enjoy the constant notifications and update from your friends.

Actually, previously things which you may have found cool may not appear that cool later.


Deleting Facebook account is not at all a rock breaking task.

Before that …

… You must have been aware of two very important terms related to Facebook. They are:

1. Deactivate

2. Delete


A major section of you may feel that both are the same.

Okay, I won’t say there’s a vast difference. But definitely a subtle difference lies.

You can call both the two sides of the same coin.


Your very first information should be to know and understand the difference between deleting Facebook account and deactivating the account.

When you are thinking of deleting your Facebook account, know that you are not a loner. Due to various health issues as well as the effects that Facebook has brought to our lives, it is understandable and rational to shoo Facebook away.


You have two different roads by which you can travel to Facebook offline. 

1. By deactivating your Facebook account
2. But deleting your Facebook account completely

The first case that is deactivating the account symbolizes the following: 

1. You are free to reactivate your account as and when required.
2. Your friends or people on Facebook cannot see your timeline or search for you in Facebook.
3. There are some informations which still remain visible to others. (messages)
4. Facebook saves and stores the informations of your account so that you can find them intact when you reactivate.

Coming to the second case that is, deleting the account. This is something a bit more serious than the previous one.

Deleting the account means the following:

1. After a request has been made, Facebook delays the process of deleting. If you login during the extended period, your deletion will be cancelled.

2. Once the account is deleted, it is a permanent solution to shun from Facebook. You cannot regain access to it further.

3. After your account has been deleted, know that the data of past 90 days have been backed up by Facebook. However, you need not panic about your information getting viral. Even you cannot see it after you have deleted the account.

4. There are certain things that are not stored into your account. Like, the messages that you have sent to your friends. These will remain active.

Some materials will be copied in the Facebook database. As per the terms and conditions of the company, these materials are ‘disassociated from personal identifiers’.

Check out the steps to deactivate Facebook account:

1. Go to the top right hand corner of your Facebook page in the web browser. Click on the account menu option.

2. Choose settings option.

3. In the left side column, click on the option ‘general settings’.

4. Next, choose ‘manage your account’.

5. Finally, click on ‘deactivate your account’. Follow the instructions to confirm your decision.

6. Before you delete the Facebook account…

… It is better that you download your Facebook data.

1. For that, just follow the steps as have been mentioned below:

2. Click on the account menu arrow on the top right hand side corner of the Facebook page.

3. Select ‘Download a copy of your Facebook data’. You will find this in the General Account Settings at the bottom of the list.

4. Click on ‘Start my Archive’.

Soon you will notice a file is beginning to download. Know that this file contains all the informations of your Facebook profile.